Before completing “A Slow Leap into the Sky” Jenna MacSwain started off as a scientist and engineer which helped to give rise to a new realm of what’s possible for science minded, female gifted prodigies around the world.

Make no mistake, this is no academic treatise; you could loath math and physics and still get swept wonderfully away by the decades-long love story that MacSwain lays out with both the precision of an engineer and the heart of a poet.  The writing is fast, fun, crisp and insightful.

Whats in the book

Fredrick saw Alexandra as a rare and beautiful bird. For Isabella, Alex was competition for the affections of Isabella’s husband and her children, and yet Isabella couldn’t help loving Alex. For Samantha, Alex was, in turns, a hero and a monster and sister in the struggle. The world can be a rough place for brilliant women to live in, but surviving is the ultimate triumph.

Jenna MacSwain’s debut novel is a smart, steamy love story about love that is obsession, a brutal destructive force, and what keeps us living when nothing else can, set in Silicon Valley in a time when everything seemed possible and a single idea could change the world.

  • “Why ‘I’m sorry’?” she asked, indicating the note on the bedside
    table. He picked it up and looked at it, then at her.
    “For all the reasons that a man says ‘I’m sorry’ to the woman
    he loves. I’m sorry that you’re gone. I’m sorry that you’re angry with
    me. And I’m sorry that I’ve hurt you.” He looked back at her suitcase.
    “You’re leaving,” he said with resignation.

    July 10, 1997

  • The lunch conversation had begun with Alex teasing Tracy
    about her investment banker boyfriend. “Are your parents dancing
    in the streets with joy and picking out the names of their grandchildren?”
    Alex had asked. Then she moved on to the Made in America
    T-shirt that Tracy wore over her tie-dyed shorts. Tracy pointed out
    her foreign-made car. “The shirt refers to me, not my things. We’re
    perfect examples of ‘made in America.’ Me, an Italian-Finn and
    you with your German grandmother’s tits on your Japanese grandmother’s

    April 12,1990

  • “… Isn’t finished with his dissertation
    but thinks he’ll make some money for a year and come back.
    But those companies have golden handcuffs, he won’t be back. They
    snapped him up because he was doing research on charge pumping
    circuits or something like that having to do with high voltage
    on microchips. Offered him some insane amount of stock options.”
    Kevin helped himself to the last slice of pizza. “Old Tom will probably
    be the first millionaire that I know personally. Luckily pure scientists
    like you and mathematicians like myself will never have to
    worry about being shackled to money like these engineering slobs.”
    She smiled. He washed his bite of pizza down with some beer. “We’ll
    always be free to pursue truth and knowledge without the burden of
    financial security,” he said.
    “That’s right,” Alex added, chuckling. “We’re following a long
    tradition of using poverty to achieve clarity of vision.”
    “Hear, hear!” he said, raising his glass. “We’re the monks of

    December 13, 1986